Our favorite restaurant on Aegina! Yes, without exaggeration.


A couple of years ago, I was in Athens on a business trip and stopped at Aegina for a few days. It was February, no crowds, restaurants empty and temperatures around 17 degrees during the day. I walked from the monastery of St. Nektarios to Agia Marina (about 4 km) and went to the beach. I passed the “Nikos beach bar” that didn’t work (it opens somewhere in the middle of April) and I sent a selfie to the restaurant owners :). In the evening, the whole family came to the city of Aegina to see me! They brought presents for my daughter and we spent the evening together. I believe I have written enough about the owners of this beautiful restaurant.
As you can see in the pictures, you can sit and drink or eat here, there are no sunbeds, and the restaurant is partly covered with a wooden structure. I really don’t like sunbathing, I don’t want to lie down and wait to burn. I love to start my day with ice coffee and a phenomenal view.

Now let’s talk a little about the “Nikos beach bar“. This restaurant was opened by Niko’s grandfather, almost 100 years ago! Niko’s wife (smiling woman from the pictures) was born in Larissa, and I I owe you a story  how they met in one of the following articles.

As for food, they have everything! That’s right, everything you want!

What we love the most are the whitebait “Maridaki” -the smaller ones that don’t have bones;
Burekakia – pastries with  ham and cheese, delicious, they even explained to me once how to prepare it;
Fruit salads – always fresh and enough for 3 people;
Sardines with cheese – I don’t know the exact name, but I’ll write as soon as I find out;
Club sandwich – You all know what this looks like but the taste is speechless;
Ice cream – kids love it;
Mussels and shrimp saganaki – must try if you like shellfish and shrimp.
Of course, there are other types of fish and whatever you order you will be satisfied.

Here you can see visitors from all over the world. Since we come here every year we constantly meet the same people who, like me, visit this fantastic island every year.
As for the prices, they are similar on the whole island, there are no big differences. As far as I remember, fruit salad is around 6 euros, Maridaki is around 8 euros, ice coffee is around 2.5 euros, and some fish specialties are around 10 euros.
What we liked from the beginning is that you don’t have to spend a certain amount of money when you sit in their restaurant. Usually, If we see it is crowded and we don’t want to eat anything, we leave the table so someone else can order something to drink or eat.
Our sincere recommendation for the restaurant by the sea – Nikos beach bar!

Thanks for reading, please visit me again :).