Kahlua Cafe-Bar

This is the story of a cafe in the main street of Agia Marina. If you’ve ever walked through the main street in the evening, you’ve surely noticed a cafe with beautiful fireworks bursting from various cocktails. This is the story of Kahlua Bar and its young owner, Alex.

This cafe was created in 1993. It used to be called “Ilo Ilo” until 2002. You could buy ice creams here and it was one of the few places where you could buy them. At that time, Agia Marina was the center, all important events took place in this part of the island.

The cafe is open from 8 in the morning until late at night. In addition to fantastic cocktails, here you can also order pancakes, fruit salads, banana splits, and other desserts.

Alex (Alexandros) is always smiling, he graduated in environmental engineering, so his parents, Tasos and Petra, must be proud of him.

I hope that after the publication of this article I will get some free drinks, that’s why I write all the best about this cafe :). I’m jokinh, I’m happy to write about all the places that have a soul on this island, where I feel comfortable.

My sincere recommendation is to stop by and chat with Alex in Greek, English or German and try one of their cocktails.