Agia Marina

Agia Marina, Aegina The best part of the Island for swimming and relaxing is Agia Marina. It is located 14 km east of the main port. We always book an apartment or a hotel in this part of Aegina. Here you can find great restaurants, beach bars, stores with pistachios products, bakeries, two supermarkets, one […]

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Kahlua Cafe-Bar

This is the story of a cafe in the main street of Agia Marina. If you’ve ever walked through the main street in the evening, you’ve surely noticed a cafe with beautiful fireworks bursting from various cocktails. This is the story of Kahlua Bar and its young owner, Alex. This cafe was created in 1993.

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Perdika, Aegina Island

Perdika, Aegina Island We all know that Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization and one of its most iconic nations. Its diverse landscapes, ancient history, and modern culture have made it a favorite tourist destination. If you’re looking for a charming and off-the-beaten-path destination in Greece, Perdika village on Aegina island is definitely worth

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Nikos beach bar

NIKOS BEACH BAR Our favorite restaurant on Aegina! Yes, without exaggeration.   A couple of years ago, I was in Athens on a business trip and stopped at Aegina for a few days. It was February, no crowds, restaurants empty and temperatures around 17 degrees during the day. I walked from the monastery of St.

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