Agia Marina, Aegina

The best part of the Island for swimming and relaxing is Agia Marina. It is located 14 km east of the main port. We always book an apartment or a hotel in this part of Aegina. Here you can find great restaurants, beach bars, stores with pistachios products, bakeries, two supermarkets, one playground for children in the main street, and a few clothing stores. An exciting story about one of those clothing stores is about one couple, George and Maria. George is from Egypt, but I will write more about them on my News&Blog page. And yes, they have great clothes, and if you tell them that I sent you maybe, you will get an extra discount :).

About Agia Marina beach, I have to be honest, we have never been to a beach like this one. We have been traveling a lot around Europe, but this is what we need to have a great vacation. I don’t like “frying” in the sun, and I don’t like loud music. You have chairs and tables right on the beach in a few restaurants, like Nikos beach bar. Besides that, the food is delicious, the people who work there are amicable, and the view leaves you breathless. When you want to enter the sea, you will have to walk around 50 meters and then you can start swimming. It is excellent for small children; it is very shallow.

Nikos Beach Bar

How to reach Agia Marina? – You can get there from the main port of Aegina, around 14km. You can rent a car or rent a motorcycle. I will write more about that and give you prices for renting. I know that you will need between 30 and 40 euros for a car to rent per day. If you are taking a motorcycle, please wear your hamlet, the streets are not well lit at night and drive carefully. There is a taxi to catch, and it will cost you around 20 euros for one direction (you can ask the driver not to turn on the taximeter, so maybe a few euros will come out cheaper). I wouldn’t say I like how the buses are connected with other parts of the Island. The last one from Agia Marina is around 18 h, so you have to get back by taxi. I hope they will change the schedule this year.

Only 4 km from Agia Marina, you can find one of the world’s biggest and most beautiful monasteries! Yes, in the world. For the Serbian people and people from Balkan, this monastery is something like “Ostrog” in Montenegro. I will write more about it and give you information on how to stay a night or two for free in “Saint Nectarios of Aegina.”

Before I start to write about Aphea temple, it would be useful to read something about Aegina island. From 11/1/1827 until 3/10/1829 Aegina town was the capital of the Greek state. According to one myth, Aegina was called a nymph that Zeus fell in love with. The nymph was the daughter of the river god Asopos. Zeus and Aegina lived together on this island. The Temple of Aphea Athena – the so-called “holy triangle” of antiquity, was constructed 500 years BC. It is very interesting that this temple and two more, the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, formed an equilateral triangle.

There are many very nice hotels and accommodations in this part of the island. Last time we stayed in Ifigenia apartments but I think the owners sold that property and went to UK. Pantelis and Rita were great hosts, 15m from the beach. This year and the years before we stayed at Isidora hotel, 150m from the beach. We had great hosts, delicious and varied breakfast, in the main street of Agia Marina. I will write more about this hotel in some of my posts. You can also check other accommodations here!

Thanks for reading, please visit me again :).